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Lombok Island, Its one of the island of West Nusa Tenggara Province, The island just 25 minutes fly from Bali. Its one of the most beautiful island in Indonesia.

Recently, Lombok is booming with its TOURISM, since its perfect location which is just next to Bali where everyone get boring and Lombok is become one of the destination they still pure virgin beaches, mighty mountain with lakes and waterfalls and unique culture where you can see Bali in Lombok but can not see Lombok in Bali.

Taking photos on this beautiful islands is fantastic, you can travel to search wonderful beaches with palm trees, See the unique cultures, trekking to mighty mountain of Rinjani with its Lake Segara Anak and more then 10 waterfalls, See the under water of Gili Islands and South Lombok and beautiful cliffs and old building.

We are:, Andi Herman, Iwan Setiawan, Mael Gembozh, Jemi Harakan, Andi Maroli,Herman Rakha, Imedz Black and Hilda.

We knows as pioneering the Lombok Photography dot come with our Talent, Soul and Skill to present you the lovely photos collection from Lombok and Beyond, Offer you best Pre-Wedding Photos, Personal Photos, Hotels Interior and Exterior, Underwater Photos, Landscapes and Seascapes photos, Model and many more..

Contact us and let you show Lombok Island and Beyond with our Cameras…..